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“The Mindful International Manager: How to Work Effectively Across Cultures”

Mindful international managers pay special attention to the context and process of communication and cooperation as well as to outcomes. They work hard to create understanding when managing and working with people from cultures different from their own. The knowledge and competences needed to do this effectively are what this book is about.

The Mindful International Manager tackles the management situations that international managers have to handle every day. Accessible and jargon-free it explains how to clarify local vs. international roles, support and develop a team, organize and coordinate boundaries of time and distance, and win commitment toward common goals.

The authors, both interculturalists, include exercises and best practice advice and the experiences and insights of practising international managers. They combine their practical approach with great depth of insight into the challenges of working and managing internationally and include the results of new research findings and cutting-edge case studies on topics such as leadership, global nomads, cultural hybridity, virtual teams, coaching and mentoring across cultures and decision-making.

Who are the authors?

The Mindful International Manager was written by Jeremy Comfort and Peter Franklin. They were both brought up and educated in Great Britain but since then have both had international and intercultural careers, working outside the UK (mainly in Europe) and with people from all over the world.

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