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European Communication Monitor

Social media declining as a priority, a new survey reveals

The importance of social media to European communications professionals appears to be tapering off, according to the latest European Communication Monitor report. Communicators are now particularly interested in mobile communications.

According to the European Communication Monitor report between 2010 and 2012, respondents said that "coping with digital evolution and the social web" was their most important issue. That has now dropped to third place behind linking business strategy with communication and building trust; however, it was still mentioned as an issue by 32% of respondents.

The survey was commissioned by the European Public Relations Education & Research Association and the European Association of Communication Directors and is sponsored by Ketchum. It questioned 2,777 communications professionals in 42 countries.

Communicators are particularly interested in mobile communications as a major growth area, with 91% predicting it would be an area for development over the next three years and 51% saying their organisations were developing mobile channels now.

Although 61% of respondents worked in organisations with mobile websites, only 37% have implemented apps for smartphones and only 34% have created apps for tablets.

While mobile communication is growing, respondents predicted that press and print media would decline. Seventy-six per cent said their organisations were developing print media plans now, but only 42 % predicted that print media channels would be an area for development over the next three years.

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