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Olympic message of peace is universal, UN chief says in Pyeongchang
Winter Olympics

Olympic message of peace is universal, UN chief says in Pyeongchang

As the world comes together for the Winter Olympics, which kicked off Friday in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea, United Nations Secretary-General Antnio Guterres called on everyone to recognize and promote the Games universal message of peace and tolerance. Leer ms

Registration open for the European Universities Games Coimbra 2018European University Sports Associations (EUSA)

Registration open for the European Universities Games Coimbra 2018

The European University Sports Associations (EUSA) is celebrating a new edition of the European Universities Games, that will take place in Coimbra (Portugal) from 15 to 28 July 2018. Leer ms

The Multimedia Centre will replace the Audiovisual website

European Parliament launches a new Multimedia Centre on 4 January

The European Parliament is launching the Multimedia Centre, a single platform for audiovisual material. The Multimedia Centre will replace the current Audiovisual Website. Leer ms

Trending Science

How contact sports affect mind, body and soul

Researchers and scientists have provided a clearer picture into the true dangers of progressive brain diseases in repeated head sport injuries that must now be tackled head-on. Leer ms

European University Sports Association (EUSA)

Registration for European Universities Championships 2017 opens

On 15 December, European University Sports Association (EUSA) in cooperation with local organising committees opened the registration for the European Universities Championships 2017. Leer ms

University of Arizona

Runners brains may be more connected, research shows

Runners brains appear to have greater functional connectivity than non-runners brains, according to new research. MRI scans show that running may affect the structure and function of the brain in ways similar to complex tasks such as playing a musical instrument. Leer ms

Olympic Games

5 August Rio 2016 opening ceremony

The Olympic Games are finally here with the opening ceremony at the Maracan on Friday (5 August) kicking off a three-week extravaganza of sport. Leer ms

Camilo Jos Cela University

How to increase the fat burned during exercise

When we exercise, our bodys oxidation of fat and carbohydrates depends on the intensity and duration of the activity. A new study analyses the effect of consuming an alkaloid, p-synephrine, on the burning of lipids and refutes the value of "miracle" diets: it is not possible to lose more than a kilogramme of fat per month.  Leer ms

University of Vigo

Referees add more extra time when the big teams are losing, study finds

Football enthusiasts suspected it, but now statistics is confirming it. After analysing all the matches of the Spanish league "La Liga" from the 2014-2015 season, two experts in sports science have found that the greater the difference on the scoreboard, the less stoppage time is added to the end of the game. When the score is tighter, however, referees tend to add more stoppage time when the team in the higher division is losing. Leer ms

Illegal State aid

Commission decides Spanish professional football clubs have to pay back incompatible aid

Following three separate in-depth investigations, the European Commission has concluded that public support measures granted by Spain to seven professional football clubs gave those clubs an unfair advantage over other clubs in breach of EU State aid rules. Leer ms

The importance of electrolyte concentration in perspiration

Are you what you sweat?

Spanish researchers have analysed how the sodium lost through sweat during a marathon influences the maintenance of stable and physiologically sound conditions that allow the body to carry out its functions. Excessive electrolyte loss may lead to a medical problem known as hyponatraemia. Leer ms

Public Health

Playing football or handball during puberty prevents osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a serious health issue that mainly affects postmenopausal women. Now, a Spanish study has confirmed that doing exercise during puberty can improve bone health in adulthood. In this scope, sports such as football, handball and basketball are better than others such as swimming. Leer ms

20 June 2015: World Refugee Day

With one in every 122 human beings a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is marking World Refugee Day by calling urgently on "governments and societies around the world to recommit to providing refuge and safety to those who have lost everything to conflict or persecution." Leer ms

FIFA ethical standards

Europe calls for zero-tolerance policy on corruption in football

The European Parliament regrets that recent corruption allegations against the international football federation FIFA have seriously damaged the credibility and the integrity of global football. In a resolution voted on Thursday, MEPs call for a zero-tolerance policy on corruption in football, underlining that in-depth structural reforms within the organisation are now urgently needed. Leer ms

My Jump

A new App that measures vertical jump shows strong test validity and reliability

A recently developed iPhone app called My Jump measures vertical jump height and has been tested by researchers showing strong test validity and reliability, compared to a force platform, on college students. Leer ms

The study could have implications outside sports

Men are more competitive than women, study finds

Researchers have discovered that male athletes are more driven by the desire to beat the competition than female athletes. Scientists at Grand Valley State University, Michigan, studied elite runners. They found the men tended to have greater competitive drive than  Leer ms

Athletic activities

Stress management is good for student-athletes, study finds

Gaudreau and Katie Gunnell, a former post doctoral fellow who is now with CHEOs Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group, headed the study that followed 185 Alberta students competing in provincial-level swimming and track and field. The actual surveys were conducted by Sharleen Hoar of the University of Lethbridge. Leer ms

Salt increases physical performance in resistance competitions

Spanish researchers have analysed the effectiveness of salt on sports performance in triathletes. The athletes who added this supplement to their usual hydration routines during the competition took 26 minutes less to complete a medium-distance triathlon course than those who only used sports drinks Leer ms

European Olympic Committees (EOC)

Minsk to host Summer European Youth Olympic Festival in 2019

Minsk won the right to host the Summer European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in 2019. Belarus bid was supported at the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) in Baku (Azerbaijan) on 22 November, BelTA learned from the press service of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Belarus. Leer ms

European Olympic Committees (EOC)

Minsk to host Summer European Youth Olympic Festival in 2019

Minsk won the right to host the Summer European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in 2019. Belarus bid was supported at the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) in Baku (Azerbaijan) on 22 November, BelTA learned from the press service of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Belarus. Leer ms

Record-breaking numbers at the 44th New York City Marathon130 countries represented

Record-breaking numbers at the 44th New York City Marathon

More than 50,000 runners finished the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon for the second year in a row on Sunday, November 2the biggest field ever at the event and the largest marathon in history. Leer ms

Albanias MOVE Week

European MOVE Week: 1 million Europeans are set to move in 38 countries

With the pan-European MOVE Week kicked off this Monday 1 million Europeans are set to move in 38 countries all over the continent. Even though young people are among the most physically active in Europe, recent surveys show that one in five aged from 15 to 24 still never exercises or plays sport. Leer ms

2,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities will participate in the European Special Olympics9-21 September

2,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities will participate in the European Special Olympics

More than 2,000 athletes from 58 countries are expected to compete at the Games and enjoy 13 days full of joy and friendship. The athletes will compete in 11 sports and be invited to join 5 supporting programs. There will be an expected 40,000 spectators and around 4,000 volunteers at the event. Leer ms

Berlins previous Olympic Games came in 1936

Berlin and Hamburg interested in bidding for 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Germanys two biggest cities Berlin and Hamburg will go head to head next month as both cities present their concepts for the 2024 summer Olympic Games.Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit confirmed on Tuesday that the capital city is seeking to become the German applicant to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with the bid concept to be revealed on Monday (September 1).  Leer ms

European MOVE Week

Europes biggest sport and physical activity event will take place in September

Next month the 2014 edition of Europes biggest community sport and physical activity event will take place. It all kicks off on the global World Heart Day on 29 September and will continue throughout the week until 5 October. Leer ms
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