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Are your children overdoing it?

Too many extracurricular activities can do more harm than good, study finds

The growing demand for children to get involved in organized activities outside of school is placing unprecedented strain upon families. A new study, published in Taylor & Francis journal Sport, Education and Society, reveals just how significant a role extracurricular activities, such as music lessons and sports clubs, play in family life. Leer más

1st place - Worcation (Poland)

Charlemagne Youth Prize 2018 goes to Polish project on WW2 camp

The 2018 Charlemagne youth prize was awarded to a Polish project gathering young people to unravel the history of the Stalag VIII A prisoner-of-war camp.  Leer más

European University Association (EUA)

EUA welcomes the European Commission´s willingness to step up investment in research and education

The European University Association (EUA) appreciates the European Commission´s proposal for the 2021-2027 EU budget and welcomes its willingness to step up investment in forwardlooking policies including research and education. Leer más

Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS)

New studies measure screen-based media use in children

A new study examines the effectiveness of the ScreenQ, a measure of screen-based media use in children. Findings from the study will be presented during the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) 2018 Meeting. Leer más

How are we able to predict a word before hearing it?

This is how our brain finishes others´ sentences

The Basque research centre BCBL has shown how we can anticipate a word before it is pronounced and thus complete a sentence without the need for the interlocutor to finish it. The experiment has proven that the ability to predict a term is related to the brain´s ability to mentally construct sentences as they read or listen to them.  Leer más

Help or Hindrance?"

Study links parental support and career success of children

A recent study finds that young people who get financial support from their parents have greater professional success, highlighting one way social inequality is transmitted from one generation to the next. Leer más


Adam Gajek from Poland elected as President of the European Students´ Union

Adam Gajek from Poland has been elected as President of the European Students´ Union (ESU). Along with Adam, two Vice Presidents, Katrina Koppel (Estonia) and Robert Napier (Malta) as well as seven Executive Committee members were also elected at the 74th Board Meeting of ESU taking place in Bled, Slovenia from 22 to 28 April 2018. Leer más

The findings present an opportunity for families, educators

Study explores link between curiosity and school achievement

Promoting curiosity may be a valuable approach to foster early academic achievement, particularly for children in poverty, a new analysis finds. Researchers know that certain factors give children a leg up when it comes to school performance. Family income, access to early childhood programs and home environment rank high on the list. Now, researchers are looking at another potentially advantageous element: curiosity. Leer más

Getting Skills Right

According to OECD report: Improving skills would drive job creation and growth in Spain

Spain should boost support for the unemployed and expand vocational education and training as part of a series of reforms to promote better skills utilisation and drive job creation and growth, according to a new OECD report. Leer más

King´s College London

Study identifies 44 genetic risk factors for major depression

A global research project has mapped out the genetic basis of major depression, identifying 44 genetic variants which are risk factors for depression, 30 of which are newly discovered. The study, by the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and co-led in the UK by King´s College London, is the largest study to-date of genetic risk factors for major depression. Leer más

Share of early leavers from education and training continues
decreasing in the EUEurope 2020 education indicators in 2017

Share of early leavers from education and training continues decreasing in the EU

Today, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, publishes the most recent data for the EU and its Member States on achievement against the two Europe 2020 education headline targets. One of Europe 2020 strategy´s targets is that at least 40% of 30-34-year-olds in the EU should have completed tertiary education by 2020, while the share of early leavers from education and training continues decreasing Leer más

Geological and human heritage

13 Sites in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America Receive UNESCO Global Geopark Label

UNESCO´s Executive Board today approved the designation of 13 new Geoparks for sites demonstrating the diversity of the planet´s geology. The world network now numbers 140 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 38 countries. Leer más

Data protection and citizens´ privacy

MEPs urge Facebook CEO to come to European Parliament

MEPs renewed the call to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to come before the Parliament at a debate on data protection and citizens´ privacy with the Commission and the Council on Wednesday.  Leer más

King´s College London & Erasmus MC University Medical Center

Study identifies more than a hundred new genes that determine hair color

A team of scientists, led by academics from King´s College London and Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam, have discovered 124 genes that play a major role in determining human hair colour variation. Leer más

Condemns the intimidation of academics in Hungarian media

European University Association denounces attacks on academic freedom

The European University Association (EUA) strongly condemns the recent intimidation of academics in the Hungarian media. The pro-government magazine Figyelo listed the names of more than 200 people, calling them "mercenaries" of George Soros, a Hungarian-American entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded EUA member Central European University (CEU). The list includes current and former CEU staff members, as well as employees of NGOs that are financially supported by Soros.  Leer más

For ambitious funding for higher education exchange

"EU funding for universities" campaign mobilises members across Europe

Universities and national rectors´ conferences join their voices to argue for a renewed funding commitment to research and education at the European level. Across Europe, many universities and university associations are addressing policy makers and society at large about the need to match funding with the scale of challenges to be tackled in the post-2020 period. Editorials, speeches and official letters are spreading through traditional and social media. Leer más


Messi appointed Ambassador for Responsible Tourism by the World Tourism Organization

Considered by many the best football player of all times, Lionel Messi joins the World Tourism Organization to promote the value of responsible tourism. The UNWTO Secretary-General, Zurab Pololikashvili, appointed Messi as UNWTO Ambassador for Responsible Tourism this Saturday at Camp Nou in Barcelona, after the match F.C. Barcelona – Leganés.  Leer más


€2.1 billion to boost venture capital investment in Europe´s innovative start-ups

The European Commission and the European Investment Fund (EIF) have launched a Pan-European Venture Capital Funds-of-Funds programme (VentureEU) to boost investment in innovative start-up and scale-up companies across Europe.  Leer más

Labour costs in the EU-Hourly labour costs ranged from €4.9 to €42.5 across the EU Member StatesLowest in Bulgaria and Romania

Labour costs in the EU-Hourly labour costs ranged from €4.9 to €42.5 across the EU Member States

In 2017, average hourly labour costs in the whole economy (excluding agriculture and public administration) were estimated to be €26.8 in the EU and €30.3 in the euro area. This average masks significant gaps between EU Member States, with the lowest hourly labour costs recorded in Bulgaria (€4.9), Romania (€6.3), Lithuania (€8.0), Latvia (€8.1), Hungary (€9.1) and Poland (€9.4), and the highest in Denmark (€42.5), Belgium (€39.6), Luxembourg (€37.6), Sweden (€36.6) and France (€36.0) Leer más

Digital Day 2018

EU countries to commit to doing more together on the digital front

The European Commission will bring ministers, representatives of EU countries, industry, academia and civil society representatives together to encourage cooperation in artificial intelligence, blockchain, eHealth and innovation. Leer más

With €62 million

EU supports South Africa to boost job creation, small business development and improved governance

Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica is visiting South Africa, where he is meeting, the Minister of Finance Mr Nhlanhla Nene, and the Minister for Small Business Development, Ms Lindiwe Zulu.  Leer más

7 million tons of eggs are produced each year in the EU

Environmental footprint of the egg industry

In recent years, egg production has been in the spotlight for animal welfare issues. While in most European countries the number of farms with free-range hens increases, in Spain 93% of laying hens are still caged. Added to this are the effects that the industry generates on the environment. A team of Spanish scientists reveals the environmental cost of egg production in a typical farm in Spain. Leer más


European University Association welcomes mission-oriented Research & Innovation

EUA welcomes the introduction of mission-oriented research and innovation (R&I) in the next EU Framework Programme for R&I (´FP9´) and sketches out four general conditions and six recommendations for successful implementation in its response to the European Commission´s call for feedback on ´Mission-Oriented R&I in the European Union´. Leer más

What leads to success?

Why it doesn´t pay to be just nice – you also need to be intelligent

New research has revealed how people´s intelligence, rather than their personality traits, leads to success. Researchers at the Universities of Bristol, Minnesota and Heidelberg devised a series of games to find out which factors lead to cooperative behaviour when people interact in social and workplace situations. Leer más

Kazan University

Internet addiction in teenagers, study finds

A poll was conducted among adolescents and young people aged 14-19 which covered secondary schools and tertiary education institutions Associate Professor Regina Sakhieva, one of the co-authors of the research, explained, "We can detect adolescents´ dependence on social networks, where everyone can feel interesting and needed. Many people become addicted to communication in social networks and replacing real-life relationships with virtual ones" Leer más
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2 Share of early leavers from education and training continues decreasing in the EU
3 New studies measure screen-based media use in children
4 EUA welcomes the European Commission´s willingness to step up investment in research and education
5 This is how our brain finishes others´ sentences
6 Arts and culture could help Finnish schools reach new heights of excellence
7 150 youth organisation from across Europe meet to discuss issues that matter to youth
8 Charlemagne Youth Prize 2018 goes to Polish project on WW2 camp
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