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Korea University

Study proofs that Narcissists may post more selfies on social media

Narcissistic people are more likely to post selfies on social networking sites such as Facebook, according to a new study. The researchers studied how narcissism relates to a person´s selfie-posting behaviour on social networking sites. Leer más

University of Rovira i Virgili (Spain)

Discrimination on Facebook: a matter of gender

Less educated young men are those who share a greater amount of discriminatory content on Facebook, while young university females share the least. According to a study conducted by the University of Rovira i Virgili (Spain), there is a feminine way as well as a masculine way to behave on the Internet: males tend to directly allude to ethnic and cultural issues whereas females are less obvious in doing so. The study is part of a European project that aims to fight these behaviours. Leer más

Brazil passes through a deep political and economic crisis before start of Summer Olympics

Brazil is in the throes of a deep political and economic crisis at a time when the country needs to shine ahead of the fast approaching 2016 Olympic Games will begin in August. Leer más

India Kashmir University - clash between police and students

India Kashmir University: Tensions escalated after cricket dispute

Tensions are high at a university in Indian-administered Kashmir following a row sparked by a World T20 cricket semi-final that India lost to West Indies on Thursday.  Leer más

Migrant crisis

Greece pauses deportations of migrants to Turkey

No ferries from Greece to Turkey were scheduled for Tuesday, a day after the first boats took back 202 people under terms of a controversial deal between the EU and Ankara to cut off a migrant route to Europe, but more than 220 reached the Greek islands alone.  Leer más

Fight gender-based violence

Commission proposes EU accession to international Convention to fight violence against women

The European Commission has proposed for the European Union to ratify the Council of Europe´s Istanbul Convention, a comprehensive international treaty on combatting violence against women and domestic violence. Leer más

More than 5000 civilians are internally displaced

UN human rights experts call for an end of violence in Sudan

A new scalation of violence in the Jebel Marra of Darfur urge thousands of civiliand to flee their homes. Experts highlight that violence is not the way to revolve the problem that Sudan is facing. Independent experts or special rapporteurs are appointed by the UN Council to examine and report back on a country situation or a specific human rights theme. Leer más

 4 February World Cancer Day
 The European Parliament endorses a platform to tackle undeclared work
 New digital program teaches skills to win at entrepreneurial negotiations

Distributions wll reach 21.000 people

UN agency distributes food among displaced people from Alepo

UN agency provides food to Syrians fleeing Aleppo fighting, United Nations Food World Programme urges all parties to the conflict to facilitate unimpeded access to these communities in order to provide immediate relief to families.  Leer más

 Uncommon surnames narrate the family history of those who bear them, study finds
 Web portal seeks to inspire Europe´s young scientific minds
 The buying power of Star Wars fans extends to marketers

2.8 million people, in urgent need of aid

South Sudan faces unprecedented levels of food insecurity

Nearly 25 per cent of the population Soth Sudan is in need of aid. Price inflation and market disruptions are tied to the conflict. The numbers are expected to peak during the coming lean season, United Nations agenciesinsist that a prompt implementation of the peace agreement is absolutely critical to improving the situation. Leer más

 New digital program teaches skills to win at entrepreneurial negotiations
 Students react against plagiarism and academic imposture
 Students react against plagiarism and academic imposture

A ceremony held at UNESCO headquarters, Paris

UNESCO Medals for contributions to the development of nanoscience and nanotechnologies ceremony

The Medal, that was established in 2010 at the initiative of the International Commission responsible for developing the Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies theme for the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), is designed to highlight the tremendous benefits of progress in nanoscience and nanotechnologies for our societies, for our economies. Leer más

 Uncommon surnames narrate the family history of those who bear them, study finds
 More than three-quarters of young people feel discriminated
 Study finds similar emotional benefits between living together or getting married

Launched by Reporters Without Borders and UNESCO

New edition of safety guide for journalists in high-risk environments

On the occasion of the 5 February 2016 conference "News organizations standing up for the safety of media professionals" at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, Reporters Without Borders and UNESCO are officially launching the latest edition of the Safety Guide for Journalists: A handbook for reporters in high-risk environments. Leer más

 Uncommon surnames narrate the family history of those who bear them, study finds
 Yahoo releases a learning dataset for researchers
 Study finds similar emotional benefits between living together or getting married

Proactive measures are currently being implemented

OECS leaders tackle Zika head on

The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States has declared February the month of concerned action against the Zika virus, accodring to the Granadian Prime Minister, the measeures included wide campaigns to eradicate mosquito breeding sites and to destroy the existing adult population. Leer más

 Uncommon surnames narrate the family history of those who bear them, study finds
 European Commission awards journalists for outstanding reporting on development
 Study finds similar emotional benefits between living together or getting married

Most MEPs think that UK staying in the EU would be positive

UK referendum on EU membership dominates Parliament´s first February plenary

The debate on the upcoming UK referendum on EU membership dominated Parliament´s first February plenary alongside migration, the future of Schengen, the liberalisation of services and car emissions. In addition Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari addressed MEPs. Read on for more details of what happened during this week´s plenary session. Leer más

 Deadline for the Youth Prize application extended until 15 February
 Web portal seeks to inspire Europe´s young scientific minds
 The buying power of Star Wars fans extends to marketers

Relationship between surname and chromosome variation

Uncommon surnames narrate the family history of those who bear them, study finds

In most societies, surnames are passed on from father to son, just like the Y chromosome. This suggests that men who share the same surnames may have Y chromosomes that are related to one another. A new study analyses this correlation in Spain and reveals that a large number of men who are bearers of the same unusual surnames are distant relatives. Leer más

Charlemagne Prize Foundation

Deadline for the Youth Prize application extended until 15 February

The deadline has been extended until 15 February. Winning projects will not only benefit from recognition and media coverage, but also from prize money to further develop the initiative. Leer más

Oxfam report

1% of the richest own as much wealth as the rest of the world, according to Oxfam.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and inequality is deepening, according Oxfam, an international agency that fights poverty and injustice. A new report indicates one percent of the world´s population owns as much wealth as all the rest, and that happened a year sooner than Oxfam predicted. Leer más

Lorenzo Natali Media Prizes

European Commission awards journalists for outstanding reporting on development

The European Commission honoured nine journalists reporting on development issues with the Lorenzo Natali Media Prizes. Out of more than 1400 registered participants from across the world, the nine selected journalists stood out for the quality of their journalistic work. Their journalistic reports covered topics ranging from the e-waste economy in Ghana, to innovative farming methods in slums in Kenya, drug crime in Mexico, and child prostitution in Myanmar. Leer más

Yahoo News Feed dataset

Yahoo releases a learning dataset for researchers

Yahoo announced this week the public release of the a machine learning dataset to the academic research community. With this release, the company aims to advance the field of large-scale machine learning and recommender systems, and to help level the playing field between industrial and academic research. Leer más

SAILS project

Web portal seeks to inspire Europe´s young scientific minds

A website to assist science teaching through inquiry has been developed in order to instil a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject. It is hoped that the long term impact will be a new generation of scientifically aware school leavers, better able to enter further study and thus help boost the EU knowledge economy. Leer más

Emotient´s technology

Apple buys a company that reads facial expressions

Apple has purchased Emotient, a start-up that uses artificial-intelligence technology to read people´s emotions by analysing facial expressions. Leer más

European Youth Forum

More than three-quarters of young people feel discriminated

The European Youth Forum has revealed more than three-quarters of young people feel discriminated against, mostly (34.5%) because of their gender, but also (29%) because of simply being young[1]. To mark Human Rights Day, the Youth Forum calls for an end to age-based discrimination and for young people to be given full access to their rights. Leer más


The buying power of Star Wars fans extends to marketers

After staying mostly dormant for a decade, the Star Wars empire is ready to strike back. The newest installment of the movie franchise, The Force Awakens, arrives in theaters Dec. 18, and fans around the world are frenzied with excitement. This giddy anticipation extends to marketers, who are predicting that the new film will be a massive—and lucrative—blockbuster Leer más

E-commerce by individuals - 1 out of 2 persons in the EU purchased online in 2015Clothes and sport goods: most popular items bought

E-commerce by individuals - 1 out of 2 persons in the EU purchased online in 2015

In the European Union (EU), the proportion of individuals aged 16 to 74 having ordered goods or services for private use over the internet ("e-buyers") has continuously risen, from 30% in 2007 to 53% in 2015. This means that the EU has exceeded its Digital Agenda target of 50% by 2015. Leer más

Worth €99.6 billion for 2014-2020

118 Rural Development Programmes adopted by the EU

The adoption of Greece´s Rural Development Programme (RDP) marks the end of the adoption process for all 118 programmes for the 2014-2020 period. With €99.6 billion from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and another €60.6 billion of co-funding from national and regional public funds or private investment, the RDPs will help European rural areas and communities face the current economic, environmental and social challenges. Leer más

Paris climate change agreement

Historic climate deal in Paris of 195 countries

The European Union has played a key role in brokering an historic agreement in Paris, where 195 countries adopted a new universal, legally binding global climate deal. The Paris climate change agreement is a bridge between today´s policies and climate-neutrality before the end of the century. In Paris, governments agreed on ambition, commitment, and solidarity. Leer más
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