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315 billion on track

The European Commission presents a law for the European Fund for Strategic Investments

The European Commission has adopted the legislative proposal for the European Fund for Strategic Investments, which will be established in close partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB). The Fund will mobilise at least 315 billion in private and public investment across the European Union. This will especially support strategic investments, such as in broadband and energy networks, as well as smaller companies  Leer ms

New rules for cross-border judgments

Businesses and consumers will be able to resolve cross-border legal disputes more easily

Businesses and consumers will be able to resolve cross-border legal disputes more easily bringing expected savings of up to 48 million each year in the EU. The rules abolish the costly and lengthy procedure, which is currently used 10,000 times per year to get judgments in civil and commercial matters recognised in other EU countries. Leer ms

The College of Commissioners travels to Riga7-8 January

The College of Commissioners travels to Riga

On 7-8 January, the College of Commissioners will travel to Riga for its traditional visit to the incoming Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The rotating Presidency will be held by Latvia for the first time, from January until June 2015 Leer ms

Eurosceptic members

David Cameron wants to hold a referendum on Britains membership of the European Union by 2017

The Prime Minister David Cameron has hinted that a possible future referendum on Britains EU membership could take place earlier than planned. The prime minister said hed be "delighted" if it happened before the end of 2017, the date promised by his Conservative Party if it wins this years elections. Cameron has pledged to renegotiate Britains ties with the EU. Leer ms


Latvia takes over EU Presidency

Latvia takes over the six-month rotating presidency of the European Union on Thursday, pledging to launch a 315 billion euro investment plan for the bloc and hoping to start a review of Europes border defense. Its priorities will be competitiveness and energy independence of the Union. Leer ms

European Union tax regulations

New EU tax rules based on the country where the consumer resides

Beginning this Thursday (Jan. 1), new changes in European Union tax regulations will mean that all businesses selling digital products in the EU, including music, audio and film downloads, eBooks, computer games and app purchases, will be forced to charge VAT (sales tax) based on the country where the consumer resides, rather than where the seller is based -- regardless of whether or not the supplier is based in the EU.  Leer ms

25th of January

Greece election seen with international concern

The early Greek election shows uncertainty and that hope was premature. New parties, as well as older but previously marginal ones, have grown apace. Some are getting closer to power. Populist parties of left and right continue to gain ground in many countries. Leer ms

Run-off is due on January

First round of voting in Croatia presidential race places Josipovic on top with 38.5 percent

Centre-left incumbent Josipovic and his main challenger Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will face off on January 11 after both failed to win more than 50 percent outright in Sundays first round of voting for the largely ceremonial post. With 98 percent of Sundays ballot papers counted, Josipovic was on top with 38.5 percent, followed closely by Grabar-Kitarovic on 37 percent. Leer ms

EU-Georgia Association Agreement

Europe and Georgia establish a political association and economic integration deal

The European Parliament gave its green light to the EU-Georgia Association Agreement on Thursday. The deal will establish deep political association and economic integration between the EU and Georgia, including the progressive opening up of their respective markets. Leer ms

With 23 new initiatives

European Commission adopts its 2015 Work Programme

The European Commission adopted its Work Programme for 2015 setting out the actions the Commission intends to take over the next 12 months to make a real difference for jobs, growth and investment and his is an agenda for change. Leer ms

Peshawar attack

Taliban attack in a school killed 132 children and nine staff members

Taliban attack in a school on Tuesday killed 141 people, almost all of them students, before government troops ended the siege. An estimated 1,099 students and staff members were reportedly registered at the army-run school. The principal of the army-run school that was attacked by Pakistani Taliban gunmen in Peshawar has been confirmed. Analysts said the school siege showed that even diminished, the militant group still could inflict horrific carnage. Leer ms

On Tuesday 16 December

The European Parliament to elect new European ombudsman

MEPs will elect on Tuesday 16 December the new European ombudsman, whose task is to investigate complaints about maladministration by EU institutions. The only candidate for the post is the existing ombudsman, Emily OReilly from Ireland. Follow the vote online on our website on Tuesday Leer ms

European Day for People with Disabilities

Swedish city of Bors wins the Access City Award 2015 for disabled-friendly cities

The European Commission announced that the Swedish city of Bors is the winner of the 2015 Access City Award. The Award recognises Borss comprehensive and strategic approach to creating an accessible city for all; a good example of local action to help removing the many barriers that people with disabilities still face in their daily life. Leer ms

Transparency International

China, Turkey and Angola the biggest fallers of the corruption index

Corruption is a problem for all economies, requiring leading financial centres in the EU and US to act together with fast-growing economies to stop the corrupt from getting away with it, anti-corruption group Transparency International said today. Leer ms

Tax avoidance schemes

European Parliament rejects the censure motion against the new Commission

The European Parliament rejected a motion of censure against Commission President Jean-Claude Junckers team on Thursday, with 461 votes against, 101 in favour and 88 abstentions. The motion was tabled by 76 EFDD and non-attached MEPs further to the "Lux leaks" plenary session debate with Mr Juncker on 12 November. A debate on the motion was held on Monday. Leer ms

315 billion Investment Plan

EU launches investment offensive to boost jobs and growth

The European Commission today announced a 315 billion Investment Plan to get Europe growing again and get more people back to work.The Plan is built on a new European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) and an ambitious roadmap to make Europe more attractive for investment and remove regulatory bottlenecks. Leer ms

At the plenarry session

Pope Francis delivers a message "to all the citizens of Europe" at the European Parliament

Safeguarding human dignity was a key theme of the formal address delivered by Pope Francis to Members of the European Parliament on Tuesday. Immigration, protecting the environment, and promoting human rights and democracy were among the topics stressed in a speech that enjoined "Europe to rediscover the best of itself". Leer ms

Controversial corporate tax avoidance schemes

The European Parlaiment debates motion of censure against Juncker and his team

A majority of the leaders of the EP political groups expressed support for the European Commission, led by Jean-Claude Juncker, in a debate on a motion of censure on the European Commission. The motion was presented by Marco Zanni (EFDD, IT), one of the authors of the text. Leer ms

Interior immigration enforcement

Obama unveils an immigration plan that will provide with new work permits

President Barack Obama presented a immigration reform on Thursday, that would let 4.4 million who are parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents remain in the country temporarily, without the threat of deportation. Leer ms

In a classroom attendance study

Harvard accused of spying on students

Harvard University has revealed that it secretly photographed some 2,000 students in 10 lecture halls last spring as part of a study of classroom attendance, an admission that prompted criticism from faculty and students who said the research was an invasion of privacy. Leer ms

The conference will focus on economic issues

G20 leaders arrive to Brisbane and mark the agenda

A total of 13 G20 world leaders are scheduled to arrive in Brisbane on Friday, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The G20 main focus this weekend will be to secure a formal agreement to lift global economic growth. Leer ms

Hearing with academics and experts

The European Parlaiment to discuss the future of copyright in Europe

Copyright laws need to keep up with technological developments in order for the online single market to deliver new services and easy access to content as well as create new growth opportunities. The legal affairs and culture committees discuss the future development of copyright at a hearing on 11 November with academics, representatives of content creators and distributors and European Commission experts Leer ms

In a symbolic referendum

Catalans voteYes to independence

Residents in Spains north-eastern region of Catalonia cast their ballot in a symbolic referendum on Sunday in defiance of the central government in Madrid and Spains constitutional court. Leer ms

European Globalisation Adjustment Fund

EU job-search aid for former workers at Greek retailer and Irish jeweller

The EU should make available aid worth 8.8 million to help find or create new jobs for workers made redundant by fashion retailer Sprider Stores in Greece and jewellery maker Andersen Ireland Limited in Sprider Stores, recommended the Budgets Committee on Tuesday. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still has to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers. Leer ms

European Commission

European Parliament rejects the nomination of Hungarian Tibor Navracsics as education commissioner

The European Parliament committee voted on Monday to reject the nomination of Hungarian Tibor Navracsics as education and culture commissioner, though it accepted that he could be a part of the EU executive in another role, lawmakers said. Leer ms
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