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Under Horizon 2020

Commission invests €16 billion in funding for research and innovation over next two years

The European Commission will boost competitiveness by investing almost €16 billion in research and innovation in the next two years under Horizon 2020, the EU´s research and innovation funding scheme. Leer más

European Week of Regions and Cities

New Seal of Excellence to increase quality of regional research funding

The Commission launched a new initiative to ensure that taxpayer money is spent efficiently by improving the synergies between EU funding for regional policy and for research. The new "Seal of Excellence" scheme will allow regions to recognise the quality label awarded to promising project proposals submitted under Horizon 2020. Leer más

Florida Atlantic University

Bio-inspired robotic finger looks, feels and works like the real thing

Most robotic parts used today are rigid, have a limited range of motion and don´t really look lifelike. Inspired by both nature and biology, a scientist from Florida Atlantic University has designed a novel robotic finger that looks and feels like the real thing.  Leer más

Is there life on Mars?

NASA reveals the strongest evidence of liquid flowing on Mars

Especulation was rife last Monday morning that the space researchers were preparing to announce some big news. And they didn´t disappoint. On Monday afternoon, NASA presented to the world the strongest evidence yet that liquid flows on Mars, making it increasingly likely that life may exist there.  Leer más

The prototype has an additional unit

New infrared camera detects gas leaks in industry

A spin-off of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Sensia Solutions, has developed a new low-cost infrared camera that makes it possible to quickly and efficiently detect gas leaks that can occur in different industrial facilities. Leer más

The European Researchers´ Night celebrates its 10th anniversary 25 September 2015

The European Researchers´ Night celebrates its 10th anniversary

The European Researchers´ Night celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Whether with family, friends, your school, or on your own, you will have the opportunity to become a scientist for a day, discover different scientific disciplines and, most of all, have fun. All the events will take place - simultaneously - on 25 September, in 280 cities across Europe and beyond. Leer más

Watch with NASA

Supermoon eclipse on Sunday

On Sunday night, the moon will enter the darkest part of Earth´s shadow—the umbra—creating a total lunar eclipse. And for the first time in more than 30 years, the eclipse will be paired with a supermoon. For those on the East Coast, the action begins around 8 p.m Leer más

New species of hominin

Scientists discover new ancient ancestor in South Africa

An international team of scientists, including one from the University of Colorado Denver and another from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, announced the discovery Thursday of a new species of hominin, a small creature with a tiny brain that opens the door to a new way of thinking about our ancient ancestors. Leer más

Caltech researchers

Farthest galaxy detected by researchers

A team of Caltech researchers that has spent years searching for the earliest objects in the universe now reports the detection of what may be the most distant galaxy ever found.  Leer más

Artificial intelligence

Stanford, Toyota to collaborate on AI research effort

The new SAIL-Toyota Center for AI Research will focus on teaching computers to see and make critical decisions about how to interact with the world. At the outset, research will address intelligent robotics and autonomous cars. Leer más

Once they finish their mission

Researchers at University of La Rioja (Spain) have developed a new method to eliminate satellites

Researchers at University of La Rioja (Spain) have developed a new method to eliminate artificial satellites in Highly Elliptical Orbits when they finish their mission. The methodology, which allows for a reduction of both cost and risk, has been tested with the European Space Agency INTEGRAL mission, which will re-enter into the Earth´s atmosphere in order to disintegrate in 2029. Leer más

Body size and shape in the human fossil

Study reveals human body has gone through four stages of evolution

Research into 430,000-year-old fossils collected in northern Spain found that the evolution of the human body´s size and shape has gone through four main stages, according to a paper published this week. Leer más

Pecking order

Animals´ eyes may reveal whether they are the hunter or the hunted

A new study proposes that the pupil shape of an animal indicates whether they are the hunter or the hunted. It seems that the eyes are not only the window to the soul but may also a dead giveaway of your position on the food chain. That´s according to a recently-published study which found a striking correlation between terrestrial species´ pupil shape and ´ecological niche´ – that is, foraging mode and time of day they are active.  Leer más

Could help scientists predict climate change impacts

World´s first digital map of the seafloor´s geology

Scientists from the University of Sydney´s School of Geosciences have led the creation of the world´s first digital map of the seafloor´s geology. The recent study published in Geology describes the first ever comprehensive digital map of our seafloor´s sediment composition, which covers 70 percent of the planet´s surface. The interactive map will not only lead to a better understanding of the he ocean floor, but may help predict how the ocean´s environment will respond to climate change. Leer más

North America strongest entrepreneurial regionGlobal Startup Ecosystem Ranking

North America strongest entrepreneurial region

Startup data benchmarking company Compass has released its second Startup Ecosystem Report. In the three years since the previous report, New York City has overtaken Tel Aviv in the rankings to become the second most significant startup ecosystem in the world, behind Silicon Valley Leer más

Facebook unveils new drone for Internet serviceCompany´s long-term vision for the project,

Facebook unveils new drone for Internet service

Facebook is taking to the skies. Last week, the tech giant unveiled Aquila, the drone it hopes will deliver internet to the masses. The drone has been in development for over a year as part of, Facebook´s initiative to help underdeveloped countries get online. Leer más

R+D+I indicators

Spanish university scientific production has almost doubled in the last decade

The publication of scientific articles by Spanish university researchers has grown by 104.24% in the last decade, despite there being no significant increase in the number of professors during the same period. In general terms, the data presented by the IUNE Observatory shows that, despite stalled growth in the number of researchers over recent years, production in Web of Science has continued to grow. Leer más

NASA´s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Solar eruption caught by the NASA

NASA´s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured these images earlier this month of an arching eruption on the star´s surface. The kind of eruption shown in this clip is called a ´coronal mass ejection´, where a giant cloud of particles from the sun is thrown into space. The eruption was filmed for 4 hours earlier this month before being sped up in the video. Leer más

It has grown by 104.24%

Spanish university scientific production has almost doubled in the last decade

The publication of scientific articles by Spanish university researchers has grown by 104.24% in the last decade, despite there being no significant increase in the number of professors during the same period. This data comes from the University Research, Development and Innovation annual report, recently published by the Observatorio IUNE, part of Alianza 4U, from the Universitat Autónoma and Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and Universidad Autónoma and Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. Leer más

Debts and Financial Criss

A new mechanism to explain how a financial crisis happens

Researchers at the Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University and at Columbia University have proposed a new model to predict a financial crisis (a chain of bankruptcies) using a multiplex network model in which debts with different priorities are mutually held by banks. Their results were published in the "Highlight (Synopsis)" section of the online edition of Physics, a journal of the American Physical Society. Leer más

Scientific Research Papers World MapScience Research

Scientific Research Papers World Map

If the world were mapped according to how many scientific research papers each country produced, it would take on a rather bizarre, uneven appearance. This image makes a dramatic point about the complexities of global inequalities in knowledge production and exchange. Leer más


€2 million of grant funding for a cutting-edge new project for global understanding of Mars

The European Commission has awarded over €2 million of grant funding to UPWARDS – a cutting-edge project for global understanding of Mars. The project involves seven scientific institutions from across Europe, including The Open University (OU), working together to develop new analytical techniques to exploit the Mars Express and the future ExoMars missions. Leer más

Space And Hibernation:

Black bear holds key for future astronaut therapy

A new study reveals how black bears protect their bones from degrading. Researchers said they believe that studying this creature could help harness treatments against bone-related chronic illnesses and even protecting astronauts on long space flights. Leer más

New model of cosmic stickiness favors "Big Rip" demise of universeCosmological relevance

New model of cosmic stickiness favors "Big Rip" demise of universe

A team from Vanderbilt University has come up with a fundamentally new mathematical formulation of the problem that appears to bridge this long-standing gap. The new math has some significant implications for the ultimate fate of the universe. It tends to favor one of the more radical scenarios that cosmologists have come up with known as the "Big Rip." It may also shed new light on the basic nature of dark energy. Leer más

Project Jacquard

Google and Levi´s to make smart clothing interacts with devices

The company´s Advanced Technology and Projects group, known as ATAP, is working on fabric that can sense touch gestures. Using a new kind of conductive yarn and woven multitouch panels, they can turn normal clothes into interactive devices. Leer más
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