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New rules will protect consumers

European Parliament adopts proposal to create safer and more innovative European payments

The new rules will protect consumers better when they make payments, promote the development and use of innovative online and mobile payments and make European payment services safer. Following the Parliament´s vote, the Directive will be formally adopted by the EU Council of Ministers in the near future. The Directive will then be published in the Official Journal of the EU Leer más

Europe cannot let refugees down

King Felipe of Spain visits the European Parliament

The Spanish King Felipe delivered a speech to the European Parliament on Wednesday morning, marking the 30th anniversary of Spain´s adhesion to what is now the European Union. Spanish King Felipe VI called on EU leaders to boost cooperation with countries where refugees are coming from, saying Europe needs to do more in addressing the roots of the migration crisis. Leer más

Adds funds for migration, jobs, youth

The European Parliament reverses cuts on draft 2016 budget

Council cuts in EU 2016 budget funding for refugees and agencies dealing with migrants were reversed by Budgets Committee MEPs in votes on Monday and Tuesday. MEPs also added funding for youth employment programmes, the Erasmus + student mobility programme and for research, transport and energy networks. Leer más

Investment Plan for Europe goes global

China announces its contribution to Europe´s Investment Plan

At the High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue in Beijing, China announced its intention to contribute to the Investment Plan, as well as closer cooperation with the EU on investment issues in general. Today during the High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue in Beijing, Vice-Premier Ma Kai informed Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen that China will contribute to the Commission´s €315 billion Investment Plan for Europe. China is the first non-EU country to announce its contribution. Leer más

47.8% of the votes

Separatists in Catalonia win the regional elections

A coalition of separatists who promised independence for the Spanish region of Catalonia has won the regional parliamentary elections. Official results showed secessionist parties were on track to secure 72 out of 135 seats in the powerful region of 7.5 million people, that includes Barcelona. Leer más

Human Rights Council

U.N. rights chief urges Europe to expand migration channels

The top United Nations human rights official urged Europe this week to build on a surge of sympathy for refugees by setting up comprehensive policies to expand migration channels during the Human Rights Council. High-level Dignitaries from Sri Lanka, Mexico and the United Kingdom addressed the Council  Leer más

German-Austrian border

Temporary reintroduction of controls at the borders with other EU-Member States

European Commission has released a statement following the temporary reintroduction of border controls by Germany, particularly at the German-Austrian border. The temporary reintroduction of border controls between Member States is an exceptional possibility explicitly foreseen in and regulated by the Schengen Borders Code, in case of a crisis situation. Leer más

Assitance package

EU boosts socio-economic development in the Southern Mediterranean

The EU has mobilised a substantial assistance package worth €235.7 million to foster socio-economic development and support better living conditions in the Southern Neighbourhood partner countries. This assistance is provided through the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) and is particularly important in the context of the EU´s efforts to address all aspects of the refugees crisis. Leer más

World Humanitarian Summit 2016

Europe adopts its position in the World Humanitarian Summit 2016

The European Commission has adopted its position paper for the World Humanitarian Summit 2016 calling for "A global partnership towards effective humanitarian action". The Communication sets out the EU´s strategic vision for reshaping humanitarian action ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. The underlying message is to build and reinforce global partnerships to advance towards the common objectives of saving lives, preventing and alleviating suffering and maintaining human dignity. Leer más

September 14

EU calls for an immigration summit to discuss solutions to the crisis

The European Union summoned ministers to an emergency summit on migrants to discuss solutions to the unprecedented crisis, as the death toll on land and sea continues to grow. Luxembourg, which holds the rotating EU presidency, called interior ministers from all 28 member states to an extraordinary meeting on September 14 Leer más

US higher education without loans

Hillary Clinton´s plan to end up with student debt

Hillary Clinton detailed a major proposal to help lower college fees and cut interest on student loans as a way to get the spiraling costs of higher education under control on Monday. Leer más

Suruc attack

Students killed in an Islamic State attack in Turkey

A suspected Islamic State suicide bomber killed at least 30 people, mostly young students, in an attack on a Turkish town near the Syrian border yesterday. The suspected ISIS suicide bomb attack also left 100 people injured. Leer más

Humanitarian assistance

EU boosts humanitarian support for Syria crisis by €64 million

The European Union has increased its humanitarian response to the Syria crisis with an additional €64 million. This new funding comes amid growing concerns over the worsening humanitarian situation, with further large-scale displacements of people across Syria and to neighbouring countries. Leer más

Greece bailout

Eurozone finance ministers agree basis for formal negotiations on Greece

Since the surprise announcement from Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras on June 26 that Greece would hold a referendum on the latest bailout terms offered to it, the situation in Greece has slowly gone downhill. After five hours of talks yesterday, a statement was agreed by ministers which will now be considered by the 19 heads of State in Brussels this evening. Leer más

Greek crisis

Greece presents it economic reform plan to Eurogroup

Greece on Thursday delivered its latest proposal for economic reforms to European finance ministers who must decide whether they will grant the struggling government another desperately needed bailout. They say they received the plan late on Thursday - just two hours before a midnight deadline. The 28 leaders of the European Union will now discuss the proposals at a make-or-break summit on Sunday. Leer más

Corporate governance

The European Parliament vote to enforce tax transparency

Large firms and listed companies should have to disclose information, country by country, on profits made, tax paid on profits and public subsidies received, said MEPs on Wednesday in amendments to draft rules intended to boost transparency and foster shareholders´ long-run commitment to companies. They also want to empower shareholders to vote at least every three years on directors´ pay policy. Leer más

Greeks voted "No"

Greece rejects Europe´s bailout offer

Greeks voted overwhelmingly "No" on Sunday in a historic bailout referendum, partial results showed, defying warnings from across Europe that rejecting new austerity terms for fresh financial aid would set their country on a path out of the euro.  Leer más

Investment Plan for Europe

Bulgaria announces that it will contribute with €100 million through co-financing of projects

Bulgaria has announced that it will contribute €100 million to projects benefiting from finance by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), at the heart of the €315 billion Investment Plan for Europe. The contribution will be made through co-financing of projects approved by the Bulgarian Development Bank. Bulgaria is the 8th Member State after Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and Slovakia to announce a contribution, even before the EFSI becomes operational. Leer más

Greek referendum question under European scrutinySunday´s bailout referendum

Greek referendum question under European scrutiny

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras got the Greek parliamentary approval to celebrate a referendum on Greece´s creditors´ latest bailout terms. Tsipras´ decision to call for a referendum effectively ended negotiations with euro zone and international creditors, at least for now. Leer más

Latest proposals in the negotiations with Greece

European Commission has published the latest proposals agreed among European institutions on Greece

In the interest of transparency and for the information of the Greek people, the European Commission has published the latest proposals agreed among the three institutions (European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund), which take into account the proposals of the Greek authorities of 8, 14, 22 and 25 June 2015 as well as the talks at political and technical level throughout the week. Leer más

Greece crisis

Eurogroup continues talks with Greece

Europe´s latest attempt to broker a deal with Greece failed late Wednesday amid growing acrimony between Athens and its creditors ahead of a deadline next Tuesday that could see a Greek default and a possible ejection from the eurozone. The Troika is demanding more austerity—cuts in government spending, higher taxes and labor market reforms—to release another tranche of bailout funds. Without it, Greece can´t pay €1.54 billion due the IMF on June 30. Leer más

Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee

European Central Bank to facilitate a successful outcome of the ongoing talks with Greece

The European Central Bank is doing all it can to facilitate a successful outcome of the ongoing talks with Greece, European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi assured Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs on Monday Leer más

Supported by Justice Ministers

New data protection rules to boost EU Digital Single Market

Ministers in the Justice Council have sealed a general approach on the Commission proposal on the Data Protection Regulation. Modern, harmonised data protection rules will contribute to making Europe fit for the digital age and are a step forward to the EU Digital Single Market. Trilogue negotiations with the Parliament and the Council will start in June; the shared ambition is to reach a final agreement by the end of 2015. Leer más


The European Commission opens an investigation on Amazon´s e-book distribution arrangements

The European Commission has opened a formal antitrust investigation into certain business practices by Amazon in the distribution of electronic books ("e-books"). The Commission will in particular investigate certain clauses included in Amazon´s contracts with publishers. These clauses require publishers to inform Amazon about more favourable or alternative terms offered to Amazon´s competitors and/or offer Amazon similarterms and conditions than to its competitors. Leer más

European Parliament

Europe requests new tools to protect intellectual property rights

The EU needs better tools to protect EU intellectual property in third countries, say MEPs in a resolution voted . They ask the EU Commission to look into appropriate means and methods to this end. In a separate resolution, also voted this week, they also advocate assessing and adjusting intra-EU rules to combat online breaches of intellectual property rights (IPRs). Leer más
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