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MEPs strike deal with Council Presidency

EU countries will have to reduce the use of plastic bags

EU countries would have to reduce the use of the commonest and most polluting plastic carrier bags, under draft rules informally agreed between MEPs and the Italian Presidency of the Council on Monday and confirmed by the member states permanent representatives on Friday. Plastic carrier bag litter is a major environmental problem, as it is known to pollute bodies of water and aquatic eco-systems in particular. Leer ms


12 cities apply for European Green Capital Award 2017

The European Green Capital Award is the outcome of an initiative taken by cities with a green vision.The deadline for submitting entries to the European Green Capital 2017 competition cycle has expire Leer ms

Target dated before 2030

Europe agrees to cut CO2 emissions by 40%

Heads of State and Government of the Twenty-eight have reached unanimous agreement on Friday, defeating the last Polish resistance, new objectives of EU energy and climate change by 2030 commitment includes a cut 40 percent of CO2 emissions (compared to 1990 levels), renewable share of 27 percent and a target of 25 percent of energy efficiency as well as a boost interconnections.  Leer ms

Asignated to the consortium of environmental organizations

.eco, the new Internet domain environmentalist

The .ECO Council, an international consortium of several environmental organizations manage the creation and use of a new domain on the Internet: the .eco. The allocation of the domain the consortium and has been approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Domains (ICANN), which will allow the new finish to websites to be used by companies, individuals, organizations and institutions dedicated to preservation of the environment.  Leer ms

Living Planet Report

Wildlife populations down by half since 1970, says WWF

The world populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles fell overall by 52 per cent between 1970 and 2010, far faster than previously thought, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said on Tuesday Leer ms

More than $200 billion to finance clean energy Climate Change Summit

More than $200 billion to finance clean energy

The leaders used the one-day summit to announce plans by governments, investors and financial institutions to mobilize more than $200 billion to finance clean energy and support resilience among vulnerable nations. The summit agreed to widen the use of renewable energy and raise billions of dollars in aid for developing countries in an effort to increase the prospects for a wide-ranging deal to slow global warming. Leer ms

World leaders gather in the UN climate meeting this weekUnited Nations Climate Summit

World leaders gather in the UN climate meeting this week

World leaders are holding a summit on climate change at the United Nations. The U.N. Climate Summit that starts Tuesday is a precursor to the Paris climate conference scheduled for next year.  Leer ms

Business Awards for the Environment

17 companies nominated for the 2014 European Environment Awards

The shortlist for the 2014 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) has been revealed, following a two-day jury meeting in Rome, Italy. The 17 finalists come from 10 countries. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Lyon on 1st December 2014 at the Pollutec exhibition of environmental technologies in Lyon, France.  Leer ms

The OpEneR team

EU-funded driving system to boost electric cars

While electric cars are on the rise, many drivers are still concerned about running out of juice. Six partners from Germany, France, Austria and Spain have cut the consumption of electric vehicles with a new intelligent energy management and recovery system.  Leer ms

13th edition

EU launches 2014 European Mobility Week

Over 2000 European towns and cities are expected to participate in the 13th edition of European Mobility Week, an annual European campaign about getting around town in a sustainable way. Starting today, national and local campaigners are organising various events. The aim of this years European Mobility Week, with the slogan "Our streets, our choice", is to encourage citizens to reclaim urban spaces to create the city they want to live in. Leer ms

21st -23rd of September

The 2014 Climate Summit 2014 starts with a students march in New York

New York City will host the 2014 Climate Summit 2014. A students Climate March will start the Sept. 21, which participants hope will be the largest march against climate change in history. The event will bring activists together from around the country, including many University students. Leer ms

Almost all Europeans say protecting the environment is important to them95 % said that protecting the environment is important

Almost all Europeans say protecting the environment is important to them

Three years on from the most recent similar Eurobarometer survey, it is clear that, despite the economic crisis, Europeans concern about the environment has not diminished. In an overwhelming consensus, 95 % of the 28.000 interviewed citizens said that protecting the environment is important to them personally and many think more can be done. Leer ms

New technology to monitor floods through EU researchFlood management and prevention

New technology to monitor floods through EU research

Timely flood alerts and real-time monitoring of flood emergencies can save lives and prevent damage to property, infrastructure and the environment. Imprints, WeSenseIt and UrbanFlood are just three examples of EU-funded projects that have developed unique forecasting and alert systems to warn communities of impending floods. Leer ms

3rd Challenge

Telecom Young Innovators competition seeks for climate change and on smart cities solutions

The International,Telecommunication, Union has launched a Challenge on Smart Cities and Climate Change in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), seeking innovative ideas on how information and communication technologies (ICT) can help smart cities mitigate or slow down the effects of climate change, in particular in the area of global health. Two winning entries will be showcased at ITU Telecom World 2014. Leer ms

European Union helps to fight forest fires in Greece400 hectares of land burnt

European Union helps to fight forest fires in Greece

Greece is receiving support through the European Unions Civil Protection Mechanism to fight the forest fires raging in the central part of the country. France has responded to Greeces request for assistance in a matter of hours its two fire-fighting planes are already operating in the affected areas. Leer ms

Extinguishing resource are less effective

Forest fires in Spain have evolved with the climate since 1968

A group from the University of Alcal (Spain) has defined the landscape of forest fires on a nationwide scale over the course of 42 years. The research has found that the abandonment of agricultural land and higher temperatures have contributed to intensifying the fires. Leer ms

Climate change and its impact

Increasing forest disturbances in Europe, study shows

An international team of researchers say in a report from the European Forest Institute that climate change is altering the environment, and it is long-lived ecosystems like forests that are particularly vulnerable to the comparatively rapid changes occurring in the climate system. Leer ms

40% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030

European proposes a higher and achievable energy savings target for 2030

New opportunities for European businesses, affordable energy bills for consumers, increased energy security through a significant reduction of natural gas imports and a positive impact on the environment: these are some of the expected benefits of the energy efficiency target for 2030 put forward by the European Commission in a Communication.  Leer ms

The most-detailed atmospheric observation

New forecasting ozone and UV emissions applications

Polar zone ozone and UV exposure, under closer scrutiny than ever. The most-detailed atmospheric observation system available to date finds applications in forecasting ozone and UV emissions in the Arctic and Antarctic  Leer ms

Mare Nostrum project

EU-project calls for greater coordination on coastal issues

The Mediterranean is in need of uniform criteria and methods for delineating its coastlines, according to Professor Rachelle Alterman of the EU-funded Mare Nostrum project. Professor Alterman is calling on the governments of EU countries to establish a task force that will work towards achieving greater legal and cadastral coordination among EU countries on coastal issues. Leer ms

Clean and renewable energy

EU Sustainable Energy Week awards the best green projects

Now in its ninth edition, the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is the premier event for public authorities, energy agencies, private companies, NGOs and industry associations engaged in helping to meet the EUs energy and climate goals. It features activities dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in Europe and around the world. Leer ms

190 billion damage

EU warn on an economic hit by 2080 from climate change

A study published yesterday by the European Commission Joint Research Centre shows the social and economic consequences of climate change in the European Union. The study concludes that temperature will increase above 3.5C by 2080 and could see a doubling in the frequency of extreme weather events. Leer ms

44 million provided

European Commission launches the first call for climate action projects

The new programme of the European Commission, LIFE programme for Climate Action, will provide around 44 million for the fight against climate change. The first call for proposals has been launched this week. The deadline for the application of interested organization is 16 October 2014.  Leer ms

It will be presented on 1st of July

Green Employment Initiative to support job creation in the green economy

On 1 July the European Commission will present a Communication on a Green Employment Initiative, that aim to job creation thanks to the green economy. The initiative aims to secure a sustainable economy and to contribute to recovery from the economic crisis creating additional employment. Leer ms

Europe asks citizens on their views on a future of Biodiversity"No Net Loss"

Europe asks citizens on their views on a future of Biodiversity

The European Commission has published an on-line consultation to seek the publics views on a future EU initiative to halt biodiversity loss Leer ms
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