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Is beauty really in the ´eye of the beholder´?Is beauty really in the ´eye of the beholder´?

Many of us have had the experience of disagreeing with friends or family about which celebrity is more attractive. Now, researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on October 1 show in a study of twins that those differences of opinion are mostly the result of personal experiences that are unique to each individual. In other words, even identical twins don´t agree. Leer más

Have your say on Learning Outcomes?Have your say on Learning Outcomes?

The International Tuning Academy (in close cooperation with Lumina Foundation) is implementing a study on the use of learning outcomes/competences in higher education. The study is funded jointly by the European Commission and Lumina Foundation (USA). Leer más

What is the European Agenda on Migration?What is the European Agenda on Migration?

Tackling migration is one of the ten political priorities of this Commission. The European Agenda on Migration develops the political guidelines of President Juncker into tailored initiatives aimed at managing migration better in all its aspects. The Agenda, adopted on 13 May 2015 put forward concrete actions to respond to the immediate crisis and save lives at sea, and proposed structural responses for the medium and long term. Leer más

Is student´s chitchat a good thing?Is student´s chitchat a good thing?

Catherine Rawn, a senior instructor at UBC´s department of psychology, and Gillian Sandstrom, a recent PhD graduate, explore the topic in their latest paper "Embrace Chattering Students: They May Be Building Community and Interest in Your Class." Leer más

How is the EU doing compared with other major economies?How is the EU doing compared with other major economies?

Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, releases the latest edition of the publication "The EU in the world", which provides a portrait of the EU, considered as a single entity, in relation to the other major economies of the world. Leer más

Can fair trade logo boosts consumer´s willingness to pay more money?Can fair trade logo boosts consumer´s willingness to pay more money?

Researchers at the University of Bonn investigate how our brain responds to the ethical logo. Products labeled with aClogo cause prospective buyers to dig deeper into their pockets. In an experiment conducted at the University of Bonn, participants were willing to pay on average 30 percent more for ethically produced goods, compared to their conventionally produced counterparts. Leer más

Repsol´s "Energy for Europe - Looking beyond 2020" debateRepsol´s "Energy for Europe - Looking beyond 2020" debate

Repsol´s "Energy for Europe - Looking beyond 2020" debate, to be held on Thursday, 17 September 2015 from 09.00 to 13.00 at Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels. Participants will be welcomed by Mr. Antonio Brufau, Chairman of Repsol and Mr. Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy who will give the keynote address. Leer más

Dating apps change the way people fall in love
Dating apps change the way people fall in love

Technology is changing the way millenials find love and dating apps-the newest form of tech-courtship has found resonance among many. But, only time will tell if dating apps will make an impact in social structure. For all its entertainment value and booty call potential, Tinder and other dating apps have become the new way of finding love. Leer más

Loneliness of the innocent and defenseless childrenLoneliness of the innocent and defenseless children

"We share dreams" is the slogan of an add published in newspapers of wide circulation. It intends to sponsor a child of one of the many countries that are in poverty. This advertising campaign has been promoted in Spain by the NGO Intervida. Leer más

Useful tips for travellers and students in summerUseful tips for travellers and students in summer

With the summer holiday season starting, millions of Europeans are planning trips across the continent and beyond, while many young people have finished school and wondering what to do next. Here are a few tips for travellers and students. Leer más

Are young people interested in politics?Are young people interested in politics?

Young people across Europe are not politically disengaged as is commonly assumed, a research study has found. Most of them vote and fully support democracy, even if they think things could be improved and politics should become more about the common good and less about corporate and elite interest. That´s the take-home message from the EU-funded study MYPLACE, whose findings across 14 European countries including Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Russia and the UK revealed that 42 % of young. Leer más

Is Facebook the next frontier for online learning?Is Facebook the next frontier for online learning?

Social-networking sites such as Facebook can help students learn scientific literacy and other complex subjects that often receive short shrift in today´s time-strapped classrooms. In a first-of-its-kind study, Michigan State University´s Christine Greenhow found that high school and college students engaged in vigorous, intelligent debate about scientific issues in a voluntary Facebook forum. Leer más

What is the European Alliance for Apprenticeships?What is the European Alliance for Apprenticeships?

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) is a multi-stakeholder platform aiming to strengthen the supply, quality and image of apprenticeships, and also includes initiatives to improve the mobility of apprentices in Europe. Leer más

Clemente Ferrer: "Surrogacy is a new form of exploitation of women"Clemente Ferrer: "Surrogacy is a new form of exploitation of women"

Surrogacy does not constitute any progress or social achievement. On the contrary, it is a new form of exploitation of women and trafficking that turns children into commercial products. It is a flagrant violation of the dignity of both mother and child according to Clemente Ferrer Leer más

What musical taste tells us about social class?What musical taste tells us about social class?

Love the opera? Hungry for hip hop? It turns out that your musical likes and dislikes may say more about you than you think, according to UBC research. Even in 2015, social class continues to inform our cultural attitudes and the way we listen to music, according to the study, which was recently published in the Canadian Review of Sociology. Leer más

How the EU will help children to learn about healthy eating?How the EU will help children to learn about healthy eating?

Children are eating fewer and fewer fruit, vegetables and dairy products in Europe, but a new proposal could help them to adopt a healthier diet. Under the plan two existing EU schemes for handing out fresh milk, fruit and vegetables to pupils would be combined, reducing the administrative burden and creating more opportunities for teaching children about balanced diets.  Leer más

Can a digital single market and removing barriers online help to boost to European companies?Can a digital single market and removing barriers online help to boost to European companies?

The European Commission outlined its strategy on 6 May, while it will also feature on the agenda of the European Council on 25-26 June. Meanwhile the Parliament is planning to respond with an own-initiative report on the digital market. They debated the issue on 19 May, during which MEPs highlighted the challenges and potential benefits involved. Leer más

How do you stop more evictions?How do you stop more evictions?

The Spanish Mortgage Victims Group (´Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca´ – PAH) has managed to stop 1,663 evictions in Spain since it was founded in Barcelona in 2009. A team of researchers has analysed the keys to its success and the rapid expansion of this social movement that according to the authors "attempts to put justice before legality when the law is manifestly unjust". The study is the first objection of its kind by the scientific community. Leer más

What do we know about international education research?What do we know about international education research?

According to an article posted in the European Association for International Education (EAIE) by Douglas Proctor, Research Committee member, International Education Association of Australia & PhD candidate, University of Melbourne, "little analysis had been conducted on the contents of the IDP Database. As such, despite earlier attempts to map the state of international education research, little was known about the research landscape in this interdisciplinary field, nor of key trends over time" Leer más

Will robots replace humans jobs?Will robots replace humans jobs?

Nesta´s Creativity versus Robots report found but highly creative roles are much less likely to be taken by robots, with 86pc of these roles at low or no risk of automation in the UK. The report ranked more than 500 professions involving varying levels of creativity to understand which jobs were under threat of automation. Leer más

How fast the universe has been expanding since the Big Ban?How fast the universe has been expanding since the Big Ban?

Certain types of supernovae, or exploding stars, are more diverse than previously thought, a University of Arizona-led team of astronomers has discovered. The results, reported in two papers published in the Astrophysical Journal, have implications for big cosmological questions, such as how fast the universe has been expanding since the Big Bang. Leer más

What are the benefits and are there any drawbacks? What are the benefits and are there any drawbacks?

Summer time is the practice of moving clocks one hour forward to make better use of the longer daylight hours in the summer months. This creates opportunities for leisure activities or work during as it stays light for longer during the evening. However, energy savings are relatively small and some experts say summer time creates health problems. EU countries switch to summer time every year, as they will do this Sunday, but what are the benefits and are there any drawbacks?  Leer más

Creative and cultural industries: what impact on cities´ economic and social development?Creative and cultural industries: what impact on cities´ economic and social development?

A roundtable on creative and cultural industries brought together policy- and law-makers, as well as cultural associations and foundations and other stakeholders, who discussed how to measure the impact of this remarkably dynamic and innovative sector. Leer más

Are women the ones who compromise?Are women the ones who compromise?

In the week of 8th March, International Working Women´s Day, the debate comes back surrounding paternity and maternity leave. Even in today´s Spain it is women who are the most likely to change their careers, limit their working hours and reduce their salaries to meet family needs, regardless of their socioeconomic status. This is confirmed by an analysis undertaken at Jaume I University and the Complutense University of Madrid. Leer más

How digital is your country?How digital is your country?

There are plenty of digital opportunities waiting to be unlocked to benefit European citizens and companies. From shopping or studying online, to paying bills or using public services over the Internet – the Web is the answer, if the right conditions are in place. This is the conclusion of a new Digital Economy and Society Index developed by the European Commission Leer más
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