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How is the European Parliament organised? How is the European Parliament organised?

MEPs act as the voice of more than 500 million Europeans at the EU level, but how do they work and how do they organise themselves in the European Parliament? Check out our updated infographic for some basic facts about the Parliament. Leer ms

How to apply for a traineeship at the European Parliament?How to apply for a traineeship at the European Parliament?

Traineeships at the Parliament offer a unique chance to launch your career, gain valuable insights into how the EU operates and above all have an unforgettable experience. From 15 August you will have two months to apply for the next round of traineeships. Read on to find out more on the traineeships offered by the Parliament and how to apply for them. Leer ms

How Parliament is helping to keep Europe safe?How Parliament is helping to keep Europe safe?

The migration crisis showed you cant have a Schengen zone of free movement without strong external borders. According to the latest Eurobarometer survey, 71% of Europeans want the EU to do more to protect these borders. Parliament is working on a range of initiatives to beef up those controls. Leer ms

Do think-tanks matter?Do think-tanks matter?

A UBC professor is suggesting government policy makers and advisors need to do a re-think when it comes to giving validity to reports coming across their desks. Leer ms

Climate tipping points: What do they mean for society?Climate tipping points: What do they mean for society?

The phrase "tipping point" passed its own tipping point and caught fire after author Malcolm Gladwells so-named 2000 book. Its now frequently used in discussions about climate change, but what are "climate tipping points"? And what do they mean for society and the economy Leer ms

What defines a great professor?What defines a great professor?

What defines a great professor? A Bologna Professor or a Cool Teacher, as we call him is that great individual passionate about education, the teacher who enlightens young minds, a partner of the students in the educational process. Leer ms

Is Rio ready for Olympic Games?Brasil - Olympic Games

Is Rio ready for Olympic Games?

Theres a pretty big question in Rio that doesnt have an answer just yet. How do the countless Olympic guests expected to stay in the luxury hotels lining the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema get from there to the Olympic Park without being stuck in hours of Rios least popular asset: its traffic? Leer ms

How satisfied are inhabitants of EU capital cities with the air quality and noise levels? How satisfied are inhabitants of EU capital cities with the air quality and noise levels?

"Generally speaking, please tell me if you are very satisfied, rather satisfied, rather unsatisfied or not at all satisfied with the quality of the air and the noise level in your city?" inhabitants of 83 European cities were asked in 2015. Leer ms

Giving consumers equal access to online productsGiving consumers equal access to online products

The internet is meant to give you unlimited access to knowledge, yet when you are shopping online, you could be prevented from purchasing a product or service because of where you live. The European Commission has proposed new rules to make an end to the unjustified use of the practice known as geo-blocking as well as ways to create a genuine digital single market in Europe. MEPs debated the plans in plenary Leer ms

Are we moving a step closer to the end of cash?Are we moving a step closer to the end of cash?

The European Central Bank has announced it will stop printing 500 notes in 2018. It says the move is to stop the notes being used by money launderers and criminals. They are easily transportable. A million euros in 500 notes weighs 2.2 kilograms and can be carried in a laptop bag.  Leer ms

Building tomorrows CyberLearning platformBuilding tomorrows CyberLearning platform

New York University researchers describe the role that artificial intelligence innovations play in the integrated living, learning and research environments of the year 2041 Leer ms

Fight against terrorism: MEPs to debate counter-terrorism strategiesFight against terrorism: MEPs to debate counter-terrorism strategies

The terrorist attacks in Brussels on 22 March showed the need for better cooperation in the fight against terrorism in Europe. In the wake of these events, MEPs debate counter-terrorism strategies with Commission and Council representatives in plenary on Tuesday 12 April Leer ms

Obesity causes about 4 million deaths per year worldwideObesity causes about 4 million deaths per year worldwide

Michelle Obama (pictured) heads the advertising campaign "Lets Move". The presentation was in the White House. Michelle Obama announced the launch of the advertising campaign that even in gymnasiums and secondary schools in the United States will promote the consumption of healthy foods, irrefutable evidence that such campaigns are successful, at least in one part of the population. Leer ms

Virtual currencies: what are the risks and benefits?Virtual currencies: what are the risks and benefits?

Are virtual currencies an opportunity to transfer money more cheaply or just a way for criminals to trade in illegal goods? The Parliaments economic committee held a hearing on Monday to discuss the issues involved with experts, who told them EU regulation should not go beyond preventing and fighting crime. Parliament is currently working on a report on virtual currencies, which the economic committee is expected to vote on in April. Leer ms

What should be the role of computer games in education?What should be the role of computer games in education?

Game advocates are calling for a sweeping transformation of conventional education to replace traditional curricula with game-based instruction. But what do researchers have to say about this idea and what is the role of policymakers? A new study out today discourages an educational revolution based on gaming and encourages adding promising features to games in schools including heightened use of explanative feedback in games and relevant pregame activities. Leer ms

Why too much evidence can be a bad thing?Why too much evidence can be a bad thing?

In a new paper to be published in The Proceedings of The Royal Society A, a team of researchers, Lachlan J. Gunn, et al., from Australia and France has further investigated this idea, which they call the "paradox of unanimity." Leer ms

Narcissism, the seed of violence of childrenNarcissism, the seed of violence of children

The mirror becomes an object that they cannot live without. They fall in love with their own reflection and believe that they deserve special treatment, becoming aggressive if they dont receive it. For the first time, a Spanish study carried out on 591 adolescents and their parents demonstrates that exposure to violence in the home, a lack of affectionate and positive communication between parents and children, and a permissive upbringing all create narcissistic adolescents. Leer ms

What is the universe made of?What is the universe made of?

Matter known as ordinary, which makes up everything we know, corresponds to only 5% of the Universe. Approximately half of this percentage still eluded detection. Numerical simulations made it possible to predict that the rest of this ordinary matter should be located in the large-scale structures that form the cosmic web at temperatures between 100,000 and 10 million degrees. A team led by a researcher from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, observed this phenomenon directly.  Leer ms

How active are we and how do we respond to unemployment?How active are we and how do we respond to unemployment?

Labour market policies comprise a range of financial and practical policy interventions that can help people when they face difficulties in the labour market. They aim to bring the unemployed and the inactive into employment and help people in low-quality or threatened jobs find better employment opportunities. Leer ms

Can fashion meet technology?Can fashion meet technology?

Fashion and textile reserach finds efficient, safe, sustainable and cost-effective industries. Research results from EU-funded projects are helping to make the fashion and textile industries more efficient, safe, sustainable and cost-effective. CORDIS Express explores projects where fashion and tech collide. Leer ms

Male/female brain differences? Male/female brain differences?

A research study at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science has debunked the widely-held belief that the hippocampus, a crucial part of the brain that consolidates new memories and helps connect emotions to the senses, is larger in females than in males. Leer ms

How to build a system to recreate human behaviorHow to build a system to recreate human behavior

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is investigating how to build a system that recreates human behavior. This technology could be applied to anticipate behavior in socioeconomic crises, create more human-like robots or develop avatars of artificial intelligence which are almost indistinguishable from those that represent people. Leer ms

Net neutrality: four things to know about new rules being voted onNet neutrality: four things to know about new rules being voted on

Net neutrality is crucial to the future development of the internet. It is the principle that all online traffic should be treated equally, regardless of the type of content or platforms involved. On 27 October MEPs are set to debate and vote on new rules on net neutrality, following an agreement reached with EU governments after two years of negotiations. Ahead of the vote, find out what it is all about. Leer ms

Who survives in self-employment?
Who survives in self-employment?

Promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship has a strong potential to create jobs, strengthen the EUs innovation capacity and give unemployed and disadvantaged people an opportunity to fully participate in society and the economy (provided they get the necessary support to make the transition). Leer ms

Can the social media make people more fit?Can the social media make people more fit?

New research suggests that social networks can motivate people to execise more.In a new study, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have found a way to make the Web -- and social media -- more effective for improving peoples exercise.  Leer ms
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