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The enigmas of language

Images of the brain refute a theory of the 60s on the domain of language

A region of the brain that extends through both hemispheres, the planum temporale, is larger in the left than in the right hemisphere. The finding was linked in the 1960s with the hosting of language processing in the left hemisphere, but today European researchers show that this asymmetry is not a marker of language lateralization. Leer ms

Star Wars universe has inspired scientists

The Force is strong with EU-funded research

In a recent article Professor Cartsen Welsch, Head of Physics at the University of Liverpool, UK, has outlined how the Star Wars universe has inspired scientists to use more than the Force to push the boundaries of physics and highlights the on-going research of three EU-funded projects. Leer ms

Human Brain Project

The brain is still connected during non-REM sleep

When we sleep, our organism goes through different phases of sleep, however the brain remains interconnected during non-REM sleep, which was thought not to happen. The finding by a European team of researchers has also made it possible to analyse the scientific basis of consciousness, an increasingly important field of neuroscience. Leer ms

Commission responds to European Citizens Initiative

Europe announces more transparency in scientific assessments

With the Communication adopted today, the Commission replies to the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) "Ban glyphosate and protect people and the environment from toxic pesticides" and commits to presenting a legislative proposal in 2018, to further increase the transparency and quality of studies used in the scientific assessment of substances. Leer ms

Scientists from Argentina, Canada, China, SouthAfrica and UK

Five Laureates Named for 2018 LORAL-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards

The LOral Foundation and UNESCO have selected five outstanding women scientists from Argentina, Canada, China, South Africa, and the United Kingdom who will receive the 2018 LOral-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards in life sciences on 22 March 2018 in Paris. Leer ms

10 November

World Science Day for Peace and Development

Celebrated every 10 November, World Science Day for Peace and Development highlights the important role of science in society and the need to engage the wider public in debates on emerging scientific issues. It also underlines the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives.The 2017 theme is "Science for Global Understanding".  Leer ms

Commission awards Paris as most innovative European city in 2017(iCapital

Commission awards Paris as most innovative European city in 2017

Today, the European Commission awarded the 2017 European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) prize of 1,000,000 to Paris (France). The iCapital award, granted under the EUs research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, recognises Paris for its inclusive innovation strategy. Tallinn (Estonia) and Tel Aviv (Israel) were selected as runners-up, and were both awarded 100,000. The prize money will be used to scale up and further expand the cities innovation efforts. Leer ms

UN climate conference (COP23)

EU expects solid progress on Paris Agreement implementation at UN climate conference in Bonn

The EU expects this years UN climate conference (COP23) to reaffirm once again the international communitys commitment to stepping up the global response to climate change and achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. Leer ms

Molecular Biology and Evolution,

New theory addresses how life on Earth arose from the primordial muck

American and New Zealand researchers use experimental evidence to overturn widely-accepted theory on the dawn of life on Earth Leer ms

EU research and innovation funding programme

Europe to invest 30 billion in new solutions for societal challenges and breakthrough innovation

The European Commission today announced how it will spend 30 billion of the EU research and innovation funding programme Horizon 2020 during 2018-2020, including 2.7 billion to kick-start a European Innovation Council. Leer ms

Horizon 2020 Work Programme from 2018 to 2020

EU to invest 30 billion in new solutions for societal challenges and breakthrough innovation

The European Commission today announced how it will spend 30 billion of the EU research and innovation funding programme Horizon 2020 during 2018-2020, including 2.7 billion to kick-start a European Innovation Council. Leer ms

Towards a more sophisticated brain

Low cost android to study the brain

The two main pitfalls of robots which imitate the human body are their control and the difficulty encountered when manufacturing them in a cost-effective manner. Researchers from the MoCoTi European project have designed the prototype of an android which learns how to actuate its own limbs and can be easily duplicated. The device, formed of an artificial brain which controls a tendon-driven robotic arm, might be the first step towards low cost humanoid robotics. Leer ms

Spanish banks, telcos and utilities launch the first blockchain consortium, Alastria A nationalized blockchain

Spanish banks, telcos and utilities launch the first blockchain consortium, Alastria

The main Spanish banking, energy and telecommunications companies, among other sectors, have established Alastria, the worlds first regulated national network based on blockchain. Leer ms

NASA reveals a satellite that monitors CO2 in our planetCause of Earths Recent Record Carbon Dioxide

NASA reveals a satellite that monitors CO2 in our planet

NASA satellite thats been mapping the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in unprecedented detail, scientists are learning much more about how plants work, and how the land and oceans suck up and release CO2. This information could help us figure out how our world will respond to global warming. The new study provides space-based evidence that Earths tropical regions were the cause of the largest annual increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration seen in at least 2,000 Leer ms

4-10 October

World Space Week: "Exploring New Worlds in Space"

The 2017 World Space Week Theme focuses attention on astrobiology missions like New Horizons ; feats of engineering such as Lockheed Martins Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle and efforts of New Space actors such as Space X and other entities with a vision for exploration and utilization of extraterrestrial resources, such as metals from asteroids, water from the Moon, and unlimited solar energy in the Earths orbit. Leer ms

Graphene Week opens up, the world-wide gathering for graphene expertsMaterials of the future

Graphene Week opens up, the world-wide gathering for graphene experts

Due to its excellent properties, graphene aims to revolutionize not only industry, but also our daily lives, with devices of unprecedented flexibility. But before making history, it has to face its main obstacle: low profitability. Scientists from the European project Gladiator present this week at the Graphene Week in Athens a new technique and methodology to monitor the growth of graphene that will improve the quality and reduce the fabrication costs of the material.  Leer ms

University of Houston

Artificial skin gives robotic hand a sense of touch

A team of researchers from the University of Houston has reported a breakthrough in stretchable electronics that can serve as an artificial skin, allowing a robotic hand to sense the difference between hot and cold, while also offering advantages for a wide range of biomedical devices. Leer ms

Semi-autonomous criminal intelligence analysis system

Improvements to machine-intelligence will improve accuracy and speed up police investigations

Police in the UK and Belgium have started testing a semi-autonomous criminal intelligence analysis system designed to speed up investigation, improve precision and even pre-empt crimes by detecting connections that people often miss. Leer ms

In-between Wikipedia, Shazam and Zalando

Ultimate app enhances movie or series watching experience

If you are into movie and series-related apps, chances are that youve recently noticed a newcomer with mouth-watering features named Dive (into your movie and series). Something in-between Wikipedia, Shazam and Zalando, the app makes use of the microphone in your mobile devices to provide real-time information about the scene youre watching, or allow you to buy the fancy shoes worn by your favourite actor. Leer ms

With a team of 60 people

Facebook working on a technology on how to read your mind

Social network says its assembled a team to build technology that allows you to think commands at your smartphone. According to Facebook its developing technology to read your brainwaves so that you dont have to look down at your phone to type emails, you can just think them. Leer ms

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Researchers use brain scans to predict peoples dreams

A team of scientists from Wisconsin have unpicked the regions of the brain involved in dreaming and even claim to be able to predict the contents of a dream based on a persons brain activity. The new findings promise to have important ramifications on our understanding of the purposes of dreams and of human consciousness itself. Leer ms

Electric scooter renting service

Innovative scooter renting service now powered by a EU project

MOTIT an electric scooter renting service made available by means of a dedicated app has come a long way since its launch in Barcelona in 2013. The system is will soon be available in Milan and is being tested in Paris. But this growth didnt come without improvements. Complaints from users having difficulties in locating their scooters have led to the conception of a Galileo receiver and its integration into MOTIT scooters as part of the G MOTIT project.  Leer ms

Captured by NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory

Star in closest orbit ever seen around black hole

Astronomers have found evidence of a star that whips around a likely black hole twice an hour. This could be the tightest orbital dance ever seen by a black hole and a companion star in our own Milky Way galaxy Leer ms

Iconic mobile

Nokia launches a mobile for retro-adopters

Finnish brand Nokia, a former mobile star, on Sunday launched three new Android smartphones and unveiled a revamped version of its iconic 3310 model more than a decade after it was phased out. Leer ms

Watly machine

Supercomputer provides access to water, energy and the internet

A new machine called the Watly offers solutions to three of societys most important challenges ensuring access to clean water, sustainable energy generation and reaping the benefits of the evolving digital revolution. Supported by funds from the Horizon 2020 project, the innovative SME behind the project is now nearly ready to unveil its first full-scale Watly machine. Leer ms
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