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World Expo 2015

Milan Expo focuses in "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life"

World Expo 2015, which opened in Milan last month and runs until the end of October will focus in "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" World expositions date back to 1851 in London and the 2015 event features 145 participating countries, 53 of which have their own architecturally designed pavilion.  Leer ms

Lydia Foy

Irish transgender woman receives the European Citizens Prize 2015

Lydia Foy is among the 47 winners of the European Citizens Prize 2015 of the European Parliament. Since 2008, the prize has been awarded to citizens or organisations having contributed to promoting better mutual understanding and closer integration between citizens or to facilitating cross-border or transnational cooperation within the EU.  Leer ms

EYE 2016

Parliaments youth event returns with a second edition

The European Youth Event (EYE) will return next year and you could be a part of it! #EYE2016 organisers are looking for enthusiastic young people and organisations that want to help shape the events programme Leer ms

Cannabis still popular in Europe, heroin use decliningEuropean Drug Report 2015

Cannabis still popular in Europe, heroin use declining

Europe is an important market for drugs, supported by both domestic production and drugs trafficked from elsewhere, according to the 2015 report by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).  Leer ms

Spanish National University of Distance Education (UNED)

Study analyses how to identify and prevent humiliation emotions

Research by the Spanish National University of Distance Education (UNED) argues in a study published by the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that thoughts triggered by humiliation and its predisposed behaviour differ significantly from those of shame and anger. Leer ms

3-4 June

European Development Days 2015 to focus on ending poverty and creating sustainable growth

Europes leading forum on global development and cooperation, the European Development Days (EDD15) will take place in Brussels on 3-4 June, bringing together 5,000 participants to find practical solutions to some of the worlds most pressing problems. Leer ms

Energy prices in the EU Household electricity prices rose by 2.9% in 2014Eurostat

Energy prices in the EU Household electricity prices rose by 2.9% in 2014

In the European Union (EU), household electricity prices rose by 2.9% on average between the second half of 2013 and the second half of 2014 to reach 20.8 per 100 kWh. Since 2008, electricity prices in the EU have increased by more than 30%. Across the EU Member States, household electricity prices in the second half of 2014 ranged from 9 per 100 kWh in Bulgaria to more than 30 per 100 kWh in Denmark. Leer ms

For the EU farming sector

Adoption of a Rural Development Programmes to boost the EU farming sector

The European Commission has approved a further 24 Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) aimed at improving the competitiveness of the EU farming sector, caring for the countryside and climate, and strengthening the economic and social fabric of rural communities in the period until 2020.  Leer ms

Multicountry observational study

Study reveals that cold weather kills far more people than hot weather

old weather kills 20 times as many people as hot weather, according to an international study analysing over 74 million deaths in 384 locations across 13 countries. The findings, published in The Lancet, also reveal that deaths due to moderately hot or cold weather substantially exceed those resulting from extreme heat waves or cold spells. Leer ms

Disorders such as Alzheimers disease

New study suggests link between requent video game playing and neurological disorders

A new study published today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B journal suggests that there may be a connection between frequent video game playing and neurological disorders such as Alzheimers disease. Leer ms

Maternity leave varies from 14 weeks to 28 weeks

Europe debates how to break deadlock on maternity leave

Rules on maternity leave vary widely between EU countries, however plans to harmonise them have been blocked by national governments since 2008. With the European Commission now threatening to withdraw its proposal, MEPs debate the situation on 19 May and will vote the next day on a resolution urging member states to resume negotiations. Leer ms

Top 10 countries with fastest internet connection

South Korea, the country with the fastest Internet speed

The Internet has become such a necessity for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, it is hard to believe that billions still live each day without scrolling through a Facebook feed or watching a YouTube video. Leer ms

Discrimination still takes place very often

17th of May: International Day against Homophobia

The International Day against Homophobia is marked every 17 May to raise awareness about the importance of non- discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people around the world. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of the decision by the World Health Organization to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders.  Leer ms

OECD report

Wealthy and highly-educated men drink more than anyone else, study finds

According to a new study by the Organization of Economic Cooperation (OECD), a international group which measures worldwide trends, highly-educated, wealthy men are more likely to knock them back more than any other group studied. Leer ms

International Day of Families

Women in the EU gave birth to their first child at almost 29 years of age on average

In 2013, a majority (51.2%) of women in the European Union (EU) gave birth to their first child when aged in their 20s, while 40.6% became mothers in their 30s. In addition, more than 127 000 births of first children in the EU in 2013 were to women aged less than 20 (teenage mothers) and around 65 500 to women aged 40 and over. On average, women in the EU were 28.7 years old when they became mothers for the first time. Leer ms

A Twitter project wins European prize of integration European Charlemagne Youth Prize

A Twitter project wins European prize of integration

@RealTimeWW1, a Twitter project about the First World War, has been awarded first prize at the 2015 European Charlemagne Youth Prize ceremony, organised by the European Parliament and the International Charlemagne Prize Foundation on 12 May. Second prize goes to the Fronterras-European (border) line project and the third prize jointly to Austrian, Cypriot and Spanish participants. The prize is awarded every year to projects fostering a European identity and integration among young people. Leer ms

128 participants between the ages of 35 to 65,

New study finds couples who increased their sexual frequency saw a decline in happiness

A new study from Carnegie Mellon researchers examined the causal connection between sexual frequency and happiness. Married male-female couples were split into two groups for analysis, with the first group receiving no instructions on sexual frequency and the second group being asked to double their amount of sex each week. Leer ms

We filter more news than its algorithm

Study finds that Facebook doesnt completely isolate its users from different political viewpoints

A Facebook study of 10 million users shows that your selection of friends holds more sway than filtering algorithms when it comes to seeing news from opposing political viewpoints. Leer ms

EXPO 2015

EU inaugurates the 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan

The European Union will today officially kick-start its programme of activities at the EXPO 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan. Centred on the theme of global food and nutrition challenges, EXPO is an opportunity for the EU to showcase its work in different food related areas and help raise awareness of this important global issue. To ensure a lasting legacy, the main focus will be put on the role of science with dedicated events and a set of recommendations to be unveiled on 15 October. Leer ms

Digital economy

The European Commission sets out 16 Digital Single Market initiatives for Europe

The Digital Single Market Strategy adopted yesterday includes a set of targeted actions to be delivered by the end of next year. It is built on three pillars: better access for consumers and businesses to digital goods and services across Europe; creating the right conditions and a level playing field for digital networks and innovative services to flourish; and maximising the growth potential of the digital economy. Leer ms

The European Parliament opens their doors to the general public in the European DaySchuman Declaration Anniversary

The European Parliament opens their doors to the general public in the European Day

On Saturday 9 May in Brussels and Luxembourg, the European Parliament and other EU institutions will open their doors to the general public in order to celebrate Europe Day in a fun and festive way for the whole family. Leer ms

Al ready covers 40% of the largest global digital market

AT&T celebrates the 42nd anniversary of mobile calls through the acquisition of Nextel in Mexico

The American multinational AT&T announced the acquisition of Nextel in Mexico, a market with already three million mobiles, reaching a market share of almost 40% of the spectrum. The announcement made this weekend was held after the 42nd anniversary of the first mobile call, made by engineer Martin Cooper. Since then, mobiles are called to rule in Internet and beat television as a communication channel, crowding the world with nearly 4,000 million phones. Leer ms

Labour movements

International Labour Day to be observed the 1st of May

International Labour Day also known as the International Workers Day will be celebrated on May 1 across the world to promote and encourage the international labour associations. International Workers Day is a celebration of the international labour movements and left-wing movements.  Leer ms

Tech giant to spend 150 million on grants for journalism

Google announces partnership with Europe publishers

After years of arguments over how its Google News service handles content in Europe, Google is offering both money and cooperation to large publishers in several EU countries. The Digital News Initiative is likely to be seen as an attempt for Google to improve its image after recently being accused of anti-competitive behaviour Leer ms

21 April-13 May 2015

Film series to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps

Europe is commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps, the last of which, Bergen-Belsen, was liberated in April 1945. The films will be shown between Tuesday 21 April and Wednesday 13 May from 6:00 pm at the European Parliament Leer ms
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