Friday,12 August 2022
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Do teachers need sex education guidelines?

All schools in England should have an up to date sex and relationships (SRE) policy and this is a statutory obligation for all maintained schools according to new advice launched by the Personal Social Health & Economic Education Association (PSHE).

The Sex Education Forum and the PSHE Association in the United Kingdom claim that lessons addressing issues surrounding pornography have the support by parents and that sex educators should use concrete gulidelines.

For that reason the PSHE Association has published a new advice complements guidance including resources  such as guidance for schools and the Goverment on writing an effective Sex and relationships education policy and advice on addressing the impact of sex and pornography in the media.

The Supplementary Advice is supported by a range of other government, education and voluntary sector stakeholders including many of the core members of the Sex Education Forum (listed below). The three organisations that have produced the advice, all of which have campaigned for SRE for many years, decided to act as a coalition and resource the work themselves.

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