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Mars, SpaceX and Cold Atom Lab To Launch

NASA advances its objectives for 2017

In 2016, NASA drove advances in technology, science, aeronautics and space exploration that enhanced the world´s knowledge, innovation, and stewardship of Earth. Leer más

Europe´s Global Satellite Navigation System

Galileo goes live!

On 15 December 2016, Europe´s satellite navigation system Galileo will start offering its initial services to public authorities, businesses and citizens. Leer más

R&D expenditure in the EU remained nearly stable in 2015 at just over 2% of GDPAlmost two thirds spent in the business sector

R&D expenditure in the EU remained nearly stable in 2015 at just over 2% of GDP

In 2015, the Member States of the European Union (EU) spent all together almost €300 billion on Research & Development (R&D). The R&D intensity, i.e. R&D expenditure as a percentage of GDP, stood at 2.03% in 2015, compared with 2.04% in 2014. Ten years ago (2005), R&D intensity was 1.74%.  Leer más

Europe´s innovative entrepreneurs

Commission gives boost to start-ups in Europe

The Commission´s Start-up and Scale-up Initiative aims to give Europe´s many innovative entrepreneurs every opportunity to become world leading companies. It pulls together all the possibilities that the EU already offers and adds a new focus on venture capital investment,insolvency law and taxation  Leer más

New theory argues against innate maths abilities

A new theory regarding how the brain first learns basic maths could alter approaches to identifying and teaching students with maths learning disabilities. Leer más

University of Washington

Dirty laundry may cause environmental contamination, study finds

A new paper published in FEMS Microbiology Letters, resulting from an investigation of a laundry facility that services several Seattle-area hospitals, suggests that soiled clinical linens may be a source of surface Clostridium difficile contamination. Leer más

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Fingers can show your athletic potential and anxiety

Researchers used a common photocopy machine to measure the lengths of the index and ring fingers of 42 women. Half of these women were asked to solve different mental tasks after they had been given a drop of testosterone on their tongue. The goal was to determine the differences in how men´s and women´s brains work, and the significance of finger length and testosterone levels. Leer más

Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition (ACE)

First scientific research of Antarctica to measure pollution and climate change

More than 50 researchers from 30 countries are to carry out the first scientific circumnavigation of Antarctica in an attempt to measure pollution and climate change, with the official launch held on Monday. Leer más

BIOMOT project

Wearable robots usher in next generation of mobility therapies

Wearable robots that can anticipate and react to users´ movement in real time could dramatically improve mobility assistance and rehabilitation tools.The BIOMOT project, completed in September 2016, has helped to advance this emerging field by demonstrating that personalised computational models of the human body can effectively be used to control wearable exoskeletons Leer más

Multi Sensor Device (MSD).

EU researchers have developed a new system to monitor industrial food processing in real time

The EU-funded MUSE-TECH project has developed an innovative new system to monitor industrial food processing in real time by combining three different sensors into one easy-to-use tool. Positive test results suggest that the device could help food makers across a number of sectors to achieve greater processing efficiencies and ensure high standards of safety. Leer más

With up to 95% accuracy

WiFi can be used to distinguish between household members

Differences in shape, size and even gait among household members yield different patterns in the received Wi-Fi signals. A computer can analyze the signals to distinguish dad from mom, according to a report. Leer más

Microsoft Research,

Microsoft forms new AI Research Group

The tech giant announced that it is creating a new AI business unit, the Microsoft AI and Research Group, which will be led by Microsoft Research EVP Harry Shum.  Leer más

University of Houston

Researchers find that building innovative capacity led to higher stock prices

Firms need to invest in innovation in order to create new technologies and move the economy forward, according to new research from the University of Houston. Leer más

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Researchers develop a device which detects emotions with wireless signals

Researchers have developed "EQ-Radio," a device that can detect a person´s emotions using wireless signals. By measuring subtle changes in breathing and heart rhythms, EQ-Radio is 87 percent accurate at detecting if a person is excited, happy, angry or sad -- and can do so without on-body sensors. Leer más

Neuroscience study

Scientist suggests that the brain responds to art differently

Science suggests your brain responds to art differently than real life. Their findings, which were published by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology and reprinted in Science Daily, indicated that the brain responds more strongly to images subjects were told were "real" than those designated "art." However, when participants were asked to rate the same images they were shown for likeability and attractiveness, those labeled art scored higher. Leer más

7 pilot studies

"Big Data Europe" addresses societal challenges with data technologies

The Big Data Europe project has just released the first public version of its open source platform designed to to capture, manage and process the enormous amounts of data being created every day in order to derive meaningful results and make a difference to people´s lives. In 7 pilot studies, it is helping to solve societal challenges by putting cutting edge technology in the hands of experts in fields other than IT. Leer más

New digital antenna could revolutionize the future of mobile phonesNew technologies

New digital antenna could revolutionize the future of mobile phones

Aalto University´s Radio Science and Engineering researchers have developed a method that allows antennas to make the shift from the analogue to the digital world. The antennas currently in use are mostly based on technology developed half a century ago. Leer más

by analyzing French grapes

New research on how aged wine gets its aroma

Researchers have discovered an enzyme that plays a leading role in the formation of compounds that give aged wines their sought-after aroma. Leer más

Research Institute in Canada

Study finds a full moon has the capacity to disturb a normal sleeping pattern

Swiss study conducted in 2013 and published in the journal ´Current Biology´ seemed to indicate that indeed, a full moon has the capacity to disturb an otherwise normal sleeping pattern. They found evidence of a ´lunar influence´ in a study of 33 volunteers sleeping in tightly controlled conditions. When the moon was round, the researchers discovered that volunteers took longer to fall asleep and had poorer quality sleep. Leer más

Earth-size planet

Astronomers find a new planet with similar caracterists to the Earth

NASA´s Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the "habitable zone" -- the range of distance from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface of an orbiting planet. The discovery of Kepler-186f confirms that planets the size of Earth exist in the habitable zone of stars other than our sun. Leer más

Scientists develop interactive game demonstrating impact of climate change on the AntarcticUniversity of Exeter

Scientists develop interactive game demonstrating impact of climate change on the Antarctic

Scientists and games developers have joined forces to help communicate the impact of climate change on the Antarctic Ice Sheet. The ice held in the Antarctic Ice Sheet has the potential to cause significant changes in sea level in the future, which will affect many people around the world. As a result, it is important that people have an awareness of the impact of a changing climate on the world´s ice sheets, but this complex system is difficult to understand and predict. Leer más


Study finds that the time of day influences susceptibility to infection

EU-funded research has found that we are more susceptible to infection at certain times of the day as our natural body clock affects the ability of viruses to replicate and spread between cells. Leer más

Competitive tendencies

Study finds chimpanzees choose cooperation over competition

New research suggests that despite being prone to occasional violent behavior, chimpanzees aprefer cooperating over competing. The work shows that chimpanzees work together at similar rates as humans. Leer más

Connection between Technology and Memory

Study suggests that internet affects human memory

A study conducted by researchers by the University of California suggests that a tendency to rely on the internet and technology as an aide-memoire, also known as ´cognitive offloading´, constantly increases. Leer más

Frontiers in Psychology,

Most adults know more than 42,000 words

A new study published in Frontiers in Psychology, has found that by the age of twenty, a native English speaking American knows 42 thousand dictionary words. Leer más
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